Some things are classic, but as they say, to every thing there is a season. Well, Fall is a wonderful season and one of our favorites over here at CAKE DENIM. There’s so much to celebrate (and you know how much we love celebrating!). As the leaves turn all shades of gold and red, we know that’s the perfect time to break out a new fall fashion denim trend.

So, let the cropped jeans of 2017 fall as the autumn leaves do and make room for a new fall fashion denim trend.

Lightweight Fall Fashion Denim Trend
Kate Moss in Flared Jeans

1. Relaxed, full-length jeans in straight or gently flared silhouettes

This fall fashion denim trend is making its way onto the runway and autumn covered sidewalks. While we’re not sure we’re a fan of the long length, it only makes sense since the cropped ankle was in style for so long. Like we said, trends come and go.

2. Lightweight Fabric

Spring and Summer have their flowy dresses and now Autumn has its lightweight fall fashion denim trend. With women’s jeans including more stretch, a lighter fabric just makes sense. Especially since the months may say it’s time for Fall, but Mother Nature hasn’t quite made the transition herself. That’s fine, we’ll be right here in our comfy jeans enjoying the last days of summer.

Work Shirt Denim Fall Fashion Denim Trend
Work Shirt Denim Fall Fashion Denim Trend

3. Metal Detailing

Fall denim trends that add a little shine before the holidays is anything but dull. Since jeans are now considered dressing up (from yoga pants), this eye catching denim trend is worth the investment. We love this fall fashion denim trend because it pays special attention to our gold button.

Expect to see dressier denim styles this season

4. The Work Shirt

This versatile piece can function as a jacket or a trendy spin on the traditional button up shirt. Statement pockets make a playful splash and we can’t help but get a little excited for Monday with this hanging in our closet. Shh..don’t tell Sunday.

5. True Blue

While the trees may be losing their color, fall denim trends definitely are not. Instead of faded jeans, opt for pure colors this fall and you’ll be up-to-date.

6. Polished Pures

Rich indigo is the way to go and polished looks are in this season. Since we’re wearing denim to more professional places, this look will help us stand out. Look for darker washes and pure indigo when you can.

7. Functional Classics

Clothing is now becoming more functional. As we start to do more, we need our clothes to do more too. We’re buying less because we’re starting to adventure more- traveling, starting businesses and families, so we don’t need as much clothing. This is great for the world and a more minimal lifestyle, but that also means we have to sacrifice our wardrobe. Well, CAKE DENIM believes you shouldn’t have to choose which is why we created pieces like The Kennedy convertible denim jacket.

8. Raw or Dry Denim.

We think it’s time this fall fashion denim trend makes it into the spotlight. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” So what better time to begin your fall with a new start and a crisp new pair of raw jeans.

Fall Fashion Denim Trend
Dry Denim is our Favorite Fall Fashion Trend

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