Our planet is entering a new era- one where (for the planet’s sake) commerce will have to either adapt to eco-friendly practices or risk failing. As a collective, we have to accept a future in which decisions will have to be made by corporations of all sizes that prioritize the longevity of our world over immediate profits. Cake Denim understands that the textile industry in particular will have to come to terms with its overall environmental impact and eventually change its methods. That’s why we – as a brand – are trying to help change by making eco-friendly denim available for the ever growing environmentally conscientious consumer base.

What We Do

CAKE DENIM is proud to hold true to our values and mission statement that prioritizes eco-friendly and ethical fabric production. With every part of our manufacturing process, we want to ensure that the utmost care is taken to reduce our overall environmental impact while still giving you high-quality garments. We take into account factors such as our carbon footprint, water  usage, and chemical leakage.

To give you a basic idea of how we specifically go about creating eco-friendly denim:

  • All of our materials- from the cotton we use to our 100% natural indigo dye. We work the the most sustainable mill in the world. Partnering with eco-conscious businesses ensures that we are creating a community dedicated to preserving the environment. The  Since everything is locally grown and produced, we are able to cut down on a lot of the emissions that come with shipping Denim Fabric on Loominternationally.
  • With our company only using natural dyes (100% organic indigo), you can feel confident in the fact that chemical pollution is kept to a minimum.
  • Because cotton is an exceptionally “thirsty” plant to grow and produce, we try to cut water production wherever possible. Fortunately, that’s easily done with raw denim, which forgoes the extensive and not-very-green process of treating and washing.

The manufacturing cycle of our denim is one of its kind, as it is vertically integrated.

The business activity starts with the purchase of the #raw cotton and includes spinning, warping, dyeing, weaving, finishing, quality control and – obviously – R&D departments.

The spinning department uses Ring spinning machines and manufactures rigid and stretch yarns spinning the most modern technologies and materials. The dyeing department dyes the yarns mainly with indigo and sulfur coloring agents. 90% of fabric is woven by using projectile and rapier looms, and 10% by using shuttle looms. During the finishing operation, the fabrics are ennobled and, if necessary, specific treatments are applied, such as overdyeing, coating and foaming.  Territory, ingredients, innovation and Development Center are the elements that inspire and guide the constant research for sustainability.

Why We Do It

We understand that there’s no easy solution for the precarious position our planet is put in. We’re not making an effort to be more sustainable to pat ourselves on the back, whispering platitudes and assuming that our company is saving the world. But there has to be a starting point. There has to be enough individuals and groups willing to take a step forward and risk certain things in the name of long-term viability and public health.

We believe that people deserve purchasing power that comes with choosing clothing that’s built to last and sustainable.

Don’t Settle For Jean And Denim Brands That Won’t Make The Change To Eco-Friendly Practices.

At CAKE DENIM, we love what we do and how we do it. We also want you to enjoy what you wear and feel good about where it came from, and it shows in the care and craft we put into every stitch. Every article of clothing – from our jeans and bodysuits – are made with sustainable practices that are still guaranteed to produce stellar results.

If you want to ask any sort of inquiry (or just geek out about clothes), feel free to contact one of our experts here. Check out our blog for more hot fashion and styling tips and tricks.