Everything You Need to Know About Soft Denim

If you’ve ever worn a pair of stiff, hard, unpliable jeans, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Conversely, sliding into a pair of well-worn denim jeans just may be the best…

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Denim and Lipstick x CAKE DENIM

What's better than denim, lipstick and CAKE? You can get back to us on that one. But for now check out our interview with fellow denim lover and amazing writer and model, Kendra…

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Fall 2018 Accessory Trends

Fall is all about the accessory trends. So let's look at the fall 2018 accessory trends...there is a reason the September Vogue is so thick. It's stacked with layers and layers of…

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8 Fall Fashion Denim Trends You Should Know

Fall is a wonderful season and one of our favorites over here at CAKE DENIM. There's so much to celebrate (and you know how much we love celebrating!). As the leaves turn all…

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Must Have Denim Travel Essentials

These are just a few examples of my denim travel essentials. And I know they're all warm weather attire, but I'll do another post with my sweater whether soon-complete with…

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The History of Denim

On May 20th, 1873, the Jean was patented. In honor of denim and it's dominating historical presence we wrote a blog post about the history of denim. It's legacy, like denim itself…

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Raw Denim Guide

Discover what raw denim is, why it's worth it and if you're worth it. Surely you’re not afraid of getting a little rough and bleeding a little blue.

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Let’s Get Raw

Do you have what it takes to make your mark? To break, to mark, to bleed? We know you’re not afraid of a challenge, but somehow the rest of the denim world has failed to offer…

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