Are your skinny jeans hurting your health?

Did you know it only takes 10 seconds before your skin absorbs a chemical once it’s touched your skin? There’s a huge movement to remove harmful chemicals from the cleaning supplies and beauty products. But, did you know that masks and gloves are required to work with the clothes you live and sleep in? Cake Denim Health Blog

Girl Denim Jacket

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries

We’re changing that by reducing waste and recycling materials and water. However, it’s not just the water that’s polluted with chemicals. Most fabrics are treated with harsh chemicals to get the washes and looks that you so crave. And while you can filter the water you drink, there’s no protective barrier between you and your clothes-in fact, there’s an absorptive layer called your skin. 

So while you check your deodorants and lotions for cancer causing ingredients, make sure you are also aware of the fabrics you live in because how they are treated with determines how they treat you and the environment. All of these health concerns is another reason why we’re obsessed with raw denim. So go raw, be eco, and wear the cake. 

It all comes down to you

Fashion flourishes because of its customers. Brands set the trends, but you decide how long they stay. One trend we want to stop is the one that hurts your health and the health of factory workers. You may think this is beyond you, but if you don’t buy from brands that have unethical practices, you will force them to stop those practices. Fashion follows the money. So choose wisely where you put your money and what you put on your skin. It may save your health, someone else’s and the environment.

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