Fall is all about the accessory trends. So let’s look at the fall 2018 accessory trends…there is a reason the September Vogue is so thick. It’s stacked with layers and layers of accessories. Not to worry, I only went over the essentials this article doesn’t go into September Vogue depth.

  • BOOTS! You probably just said duh and sighed. Before you stop reading–it’s not actually the boots. GASP!
  • SOCKS! The ones that you shove on before sweating it up at the gym? That’s right. Socks, boots are nothing without socks. It’s all about the Over-the-Knee, with Ankle Booties or the sock under the strapy Mary Janes. Socks with some sequins can change your life. So stock up on some cute, fun, sexy–even socks.

Yeah, so you got some boots and some socks. What next?

  • HATS! I believe a hat is the most polishing accessory. Whether it’s a beanie or a fedora with a peacock feather coming out the side. The right hat can make any outfit look so put together–unlike my life. Yikes. “Proper adulting” is not an outfit for every body.
  • TRENCH! Not a trench coat but The Trench Coat! Live somewhere like super sunny LA? Pair it with some leather shorts and those booties! Or better yet, wear it over a bikini on the beach.
  • SCARVES! Not around your neck but in your hair/ on your hair! Tie it up pirate style and you’d be more stylish than any other 1st mate on the seas. Eye patches are sexy too. (Seriously).


  • PANTYHOSE! After hats, hose are second on my outfit polishing list. The right pair can knock a cute outfit of the adorable park and into the wow.
Layer up or down. Wear it all, or none, or all around. Have some fun with piling on the accessories. It’s never too many if it makes you happy! Style is what makes you smile! Happy Happy Fall to All!