With the ubiquity of jeans and t-shirts in all of our closets, it’s important to remember that putting a little bit of thought into any outfit—even the omnipresent classics—is important. No piece of clothing is just “throw on and forget”. That’s how you wind up looking a little bit careless and sloppy. It’s kind of like assuming that everything makes for a good pizza topping.  Fortunately, with this quick guide on how to match tees with denim, you can be well on your way to elevating your style with an everyday look and do your jeans the justice they deserve.

Don’t Forget About Color Matching

Now, while it may seem impossible to get color-matching wrong on a pair of blue jeans, there are certainly still cases where you can go too dark or light, resulting in a bad match. Many people forget that jeans do indeed have different washes, resulting in a range of totally different colors that you have to match with. Fortunately, it’s not terribly complicated. Just don’t wear too much blue, or make things too contrasting or similar, and you should be fine.

Consider the Fit

A huge part of outfit planning is considering the fit of your clothing. Thinking about your final silhouette is important. For instance, you wouldn’t wear skin-tight jeans with an exceptionally form-fitting shirt that would just distribute fat to weird places and show off your body in an unflattering light. We recommend that you just make sure that you have some variety to your fits (wear looser pants with tighter tops and vice versa). 

what color shirt does with blue jeansDon’t Overdo it With Graphics

Graphics on your tees can be a fun way to express yourself, and we’re not here to bash anyone who enjoys them. However, it’s generally accepted that excessively, large, loud, colorful graphics are generally seen as somewhat “tacky” and even “childish”. Especially in certain social situations. 

That being said, there’s absolutely no reason that you have to give up buying shirts of your favorite band or anime for good. A lot of merchandise and fashion vendors are putting out more subdued shirt styles that can be worn virtually anywhere, and we encourage you to take advantage of the new market. Check out this cool Buzzfeed article on how you yourself can spruce up your graphic tee look.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

One of the main appeals of jeans is how versatile they are in their simplicity. Often times, they can serve as a sort of blank canvas where you can build up your outfit, even if they’re a little ripped or have some styling on the pockets. Because of that, you are usually fine applying some kind of nice, bright pattern on your shirts or accessories. Make sure that you apply some basic texture and color matching rules to your outfit, and you’re golden. 

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