Why Everyone’s Going Raw

Raw denim has been around for years, decades even, we were surprised to find that most of our friends had never heard of it. So let’s have the conversation of why you don’t know about something so beautiful.

Why You Need to Go Raw 

Raw Denim will be the most beautiful denim you will ever own. 


The more you wear a pair of raw jeans, the more they become solely yours.

However, raw denim is not for the faint of heart. So are you up for an adventure? Owning a raw denim piece and waiting to wash it, and allowing it to eventually take shape requires patience, dedication and conviction.


These are no ordinary rags. Jeans are the most versatile clothing one can own, and raw denim transforms over time from the most polished pair to your most relaxed pair. Although all our denim starts out as soft denim, you will achieve the most broken in pair of your life. As I’ve mentioned, broken in all the right places, and therefore yielding your perfect fit. Each pair of CAKE DENIM jeans went through rigorous fittings on multiple shapes to ensure the best fit, yet the raw denim experience takes us to another level.


So step into your raw jeans and start you an adventure today creating memories and watching the fabric shift from midnight hues to the most electrifying blues, unveiling shades of blue and a fit that was meant only for you.

Choosing raw denim over pre-washed denim, is like making a home cooked meal, adding in extra spices to turn up the heat and slow roasting it to perfection as opposed to popping a frozen dinner in the microwave. Raw is very specific and personal. You have control yet freedom to create a piece that you will enjoy making and wearing.

So why is raw denim an unheard concept to most of us?

Well, for one, raw denim is usually heavier and 100% cotton which means no stretch. Have you ever tried putting on a pair of 100% cotton skinny jeans? I have. There’s a reason no one sells them.

Skinny and stretch go together like chocolate and peanut butter. We fixed this problem by finding the best fabric that stretches with your body while still providing the best quality.

Secondly, like we said above, raw denim takes dedication and time. It’s a relationship. The more you wear them, work on and in them, spend time with them, the more you and your denim become one. Sure you might have to get rough with them. But in the end, it’s all love. And like any relationship, at the beginning you might be staring at these pair of jeans. They may be too simple, but you decide to take a chance on that pair anyway. You bring them into your life and closet. You do things with them you wouldn’t do with just any pair of jeans, and watch them shape into your perfect fit.


Girl in Denim Jacket
Now, we know you’re not afraid of a challenge, but somehow the rest of the denim world has failed to offer women a pair of quality raw jeans. Maybe other brands are afraid to give you the choice, but they don’t really know you, like we do. We’re a brand that not only serves you as a valued customer but trusts you and has faith in your choices. This is why we are giving you the choice to buy raw. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy getting rough and tough on them.

Do you have what it takes to break these bad blues in? We know you do so get out there and make it, celebrate it, and have it all.