The Biggest Challenge is Getting Past the No’s

We decided to start a #nochallenge. Along this journey, we’ve had a lot of exciting things happen and we love sharing them with you, however, what most people don’t know and social media fails to show is that there are so many hurdles and no’s along the way. We’ve had to re-design, switch fabrics, contractors, and much more to find our way to where we are now, and we are still just beginning!

It can be discouraging when people tell us “no” or “you’re crazy!” (to be fair, we are crazy), but at the end of the day, we are making so much progress and the no’s usually bring us closer to what we really want! Our eco-friendly fabric is the perfect example. If our contractors hadn’t told us that our fabric wasn’t working out, we never would have found a better and truer fabric for our brand. So we decided to celebrate the no’s because each one means we are closer to our YES!

After all, how many of you would be sad if JK Rowling had given up on her book after being rejected by numerous publishers? (This is my go-to inspirational reminder on tough days. I mean, who would reject Harry Potter?)

We wanted to be different, not difficult

This jacket is another example of why you should persevere through the no’s. We started this line wanting to be different from what’s already out there, but the problem is that fashion is so much harder to change than we think. It’s not as easy as dreaming up an idea and poof you have a new design, but if you are okay with not getting it perfect the first time and taking a chance on something unknown, you can make something pretty beautiful. We’ll tell you more specifics about the jacket in another post.

Girl in Denim Jacket Fashion Designers No Challenge

So, we’re dedicating 2018 to #nochallenge and hope you will join us. We will try to post a ‘no story’ on our instagram once a month and be happy about it because we believe you should celebrate every part of your life, including the no’s. And you’ll be surprised at how many “yes’s” you get in return.

Girl in Denim Jacket Fashion Designers No Challenge