There’s no denying that office environments can be intimidating, especially for young professionals that feel the pressure when it comes to looking and acting the part. And yes, this can make for some pretty boring wardrobes, filled with the same kinds of blouses and jackets that look suspiciously similar to everyone else’s. Fortunately, the lax culture of a lot of modern offices has given way to the popularization of the “business casual look”. Still somewhat conservative without having quite so many restrictions on materials/color, this type of fashion can provide any professional with plenty of opportunities to express your personality and stand out while staying “respectable” to your colleagues.

Power Pants

Now, this may seem obvious, but a nice pair of well put together and taken care of pants are a must for all offices (as long as they’re not patterned or too loose/tight). Flared, straight, or fitted, you have plenty of options to keep in your arsenal. Just make sure that you don’t go too crazy with your silhouette or patterns. Even denim, in the right wash and put together with the right accompaniment, can suit your professional environment.

Consider the Jacket



While jackets may not immediately come to mind when the term “business casual” comes up, our experts are here to argue that they can be versatile, fun pieces that ladies of any age and position can rock around the office. They’re also a must when it comes to staying warm in the cubicle. Just make sure that you know how to pair it properly with the rest of your outfit. For instance, a nice jean jacket paired with a nice shirt and black pants can be just what you need to bring a cool, collected air to your appearance while still remaining formal enough for most offices.

Leggings and a Stunning Dress

It’s an unfortunate reality that the choice of dresses can seem kind of limited when trying to pull together some cute business casual looks. Thankfully, with the help of some classic op

aque leggings, you can break out some of your more fun and unique pieces without being concerned by things like the length of your dress. Of course, a nice solid color matches with any top, and can even help balance out any louder patterns or colors you may want to wear. Plus, leggings are a great way to add a bit of extra protection against the nippy office air. 


It’s all About the Heels

They help you feel powerful, stand out above the competition, and everyone loves the way they make their legs look. No matter where you are in the corporate ladder, a nice pair of heels can help you strut around the office while commanding a presence. At least, certainly more than that tried and true pair of ballet flats. Plus, they’re versatile. From jeans to skirts, your heels can accommodate almost any outfit while keeping the base of your bottoms from scraping the floor (especially if you’re a tiny one like me).

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Who Says Work Can’t Be Fashionable? How To Stand Out In the Office With Killer Business Casual Looks
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