Have It All:

The Cake Denim Story

CAKE ⊽ DENIM is a Los Angeles-based brand that celebrates the female identity and focuses on eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing methods to bring customers a more tailored and modern brand.

The founders, sisters Darrel and Dominique Schreiner, are a mere 18 months apart and know how important it is to secure a sense of identity. Their love for denim started when they embraced the reality that as close as they are, they were very different when it came to fitting jeans. When they conceived a brand that celebrated women as much as it empowered them, they realized there were more obstacles than just fit in the fashion industry. Never wanting to settle, the sisters are not afraid to be questioned as well as question as they fight to bring life to a line as luxurious as it is both ethical and stylish. 

After making the decision to pursue their dream of creating a denim line, they moved across the country from Norman, Oklahoma to Los Angeles, California. Though far from home, Dominique was born in LA and with family in the area, Los Angeles has always been a part of them. Using their science backgrounds, they are dedicated to designing pieces that break down stereotypes and celebrate every aspect of your life.

Our Mission

Since the brand’s launch in 2018, CAKE ⊽ DENIM has pushed boundaries and refused the notion that women must be confined to a specific category. This is demonstrated in our logo, the logic math symbol, the nor. For CAKE ⊽ DENIM, it represents the modern woman’s refusal to be categorized. She is neither this nor that. She deserves to Have It All. CAKE ⊽ DENIM’s mission statement, “Have It All,” is personal as well as global. Together, Cake Denim’s founders created the brand to ensure quality in their pieces, as well as quality in the lives of the people who make them. 

All of our products are made with the finest imported eco-friendly, Italian denim, and we are dedicated to staying as environmentally conscious as possible. We only work with premium denim, dyed with pure indigo that looks great raw and is free of harsh chemicals, which means your skin and the ocean will be, too. Who said fashion is about compromise?

From the Bohemian movement of the 60s and 70s to the punks of the 90s, denim has played an important role in fashion all across the country. We simply seek to be part of that movement while creating a little something special along the way.
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The History of Denim

Created in the 1500s, denim is known to be an exceptionally durable material that created long-lasting and durable pants for the working class. To hide stains (and therefore require less washing), it was dyed with dark blue indigo. Later on, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis went on to create the first pair of jeans in 1872, after having the idea to reinforce the material with rivets. Later on, the garment was used from people all across the working class, from factory workers to farmers. During the 1950s, they became a staple of the newly emerging youth culture and a symbol of rebellion. 

However, even before they became a staple of youth culture, jeans were already becoming widely worn among women. In the year 1934, the first pair of jeans made exclusively for women was created and set to be widely distributed. More than just being a long-lasting functional garment that women didn’t have to regularly repair, it was a symbol of burgeoning female agency. At CAKE ⊽ DENIM, we try to continue that tradition of empowering women through fashion by providing ethically sourced, accessible denim all across the country. Of course, we also seek to inspire women by providing a touch the finest in luxury with the latest trends.


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All of our products are proudly made in Los Angeles, CA. If you have any questions about or shipping practices or where we send our stuff to, connect with us!

For women-centered denim that’s top of the line and ethically sourced, look no further than CAKE ⊽ DENIM. We love what we do, and want to show it off to the world. For our selection of high-quality denim and more, check out our shop

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