Make Your Mark:

Our Story is Your Story

As two sisters who are a mere 18 months apart, we know how important it is to secure a sense of identity. We founded CAKE ⊽ DENIM with the belief that you’re lucky to have the power of choice so you should make your mark on the world-a mark we hope treads kindly on the earth and roughly on your jeans.

Never wanting to settle, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern fashion and aren’t afraid to be questioned as we seek to bring you a line that is as luxurious as it is both ethical and stylish. After making the decision to pursue our dream of creating a denim line, we moved cross country from Norman, Oklahoma to Los Angeles. Though far from home, Dominique was actually born in LA and we’ve spent numerous summers visiting family in the area, so Los Angeles really feels like it’s always been a part of us. With science backgrounds and an emphasis on developing our minds, we’ve spent years creating a line that has been thoroughly tested while still being experimental.

Quality is in the Journey

We are dedicated to designing pieces that break down stereotypes and celebrate your evolution into the person you decide to become, even if that changes every day. Our symbol, ⊽, is the logical math symbol and literally means ‘nor’. Though it also looks like a slice of cake, it means much more than that to us. CAKE ⊽ DENIM represents the refusal to be categorized because you are neither this nor that. You are whatever you choose to be as long as you are happy.

Our Mission

CAKE ⊽ DENIM is a multifaceted brand that combines the need for environmentally and ethically conscious fashion that features one-of-a-kind collector’s pieces. We spent months testing and prototyping various fabrics until we found what is true to our mission. All of our fabric is of the finest imported eco-friendly, Italian denim and we are dedicated to staying as environmentally conscious as possible, which is why we are working with premium denim, dyed with pure indigo that looks great raw and is free of harsh chemicals which means your skin and the ocean will be too.

All of our products are proudly made in Los Angeles, CA.