Raw denim is known by a few names and many myths. But whether you call them by raw or dry, practice freezer cleaning or ocean washing, there is one thing denim aficionados can agree on: No closet is complete without a pair of raw jeans. But don’t take our advice, check out below what the experts at Heddels have to say about Raw Denim. Their explanation, along with our post, is the best guide to buying raw.

The Essential Raw Denim Breakdown

By Nick Coe, Heddels.com

Raw denim (aka dry denim) is simply denim fabric that remains unwashed, untreated, and virtually untouched from when it rolls off the loom to when it is sold to you.

It is denim in its purest form.

The Benefits of Raw Denim

So why go through all this hassle just for a new pair of jeans? One of the biggest benefits of raw denim, and the indigo loss, is that they develop and age based on what you do in them and to them. Every mile you walk, every scrape on the concrete, every item you keep regularly in your pocket leaves its mark. The dark indigo dye slowly begins to chip away revealing the light electric blue and eventually the white cotton core of the denim yarns the more you wear them. What’s left is a wholly unique garment that was formed and faded to you and you alone.

Other benefits of raw denim include:

  • Greater Durability – Since the fabric has not been artificially stonewashed, lasered, and sandblasted, you get the full life of the fabric involved, hence why many vintage garments have lasted so long.
  • More Eco and Labor Friendly – It takes an awful lot of water to grow enough cotton for a pair of jeans, but washing and distressing them takes even more, an average of 42 liters per jean. By buying raw, none of that water needs to go to waste. It also doesn’t expose workers to the harmful chemicals often used to distress and wash denim.
  • Less Clutter – Many raw denim fans will wear the same pair of jeans everyday for months or years at a time. This could very well be your only pair of pants!
  • Greater Value – Although the cost of entry is often high, the greater durability often leads to many more wears per pair.

There you have it- a thoroughly, poetic explanation of raw denim. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what it is and why it’s worth it. And surely you’re not afraid of getting a little rough and bleeding a little blue.